Vitalizing your Assets – by the Power of Acoustics

About qWave

qWave AS was founded by Hans Petter Eng in June 2015. The idea behind the technology is to utilize the same principles as used within medicine for extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy (ESWL) for generating series of repeatable focused shockwaves for gradual degeneration of formation, scale, cement etc.

qWave is now in the process of developing a range of tools and services for perforation, testing, stimulation and cleaing of oil & gas wells. The range of tools and services are based on new technology/techniques invented by qWave.

Chairman of the Board:

Shona Macfarlane Grant

Board members:
Frederik Georg Hvistendahl
Terje Handeland

Hans Petter Eng

Hans Petter Eng

Eng has more than 22 years’ experience within the oil and gas industry, having held various managerial and technical positions both within oil service and E&P companies. This experience includes thirteen years working for Schlumberger in Norway and on various international postings, three years with small to mid-cap Norwegian E&P companies, one year as Founder of Prodeon AS –a company focusing on unlocking the potential from marginal oil discoveries, and one year as Norway Country Manager for Genesis Oil & Gas Consultants.