PulseFrac – Formation Stress Testing using Acoustic Shockwaves


Carbon Storage

The success of geological carbon storage depends on the assurance of permanent containment for injected carbon dioxide (CO2) in the storage formation at depth. One of the critical elements of the safekeeping of CO2 is the sealing capacity of the caprock overlying the storage formation despite faults and/or fractures, which may occur in it. qWave pulse frac tool helps in determining In-Situ stress measurement of the caprock to assure a maximized and yet safe storage of CO2.

Oil and Gas

In-situ stress data plays a crucial role in various stages of oil and gas well planning, construction, operation, and production, in operations which include drilling, well completion, well stimulation, production, and wasted re-injection. Knowledge of in-situ stresses and mechanical properties of the rock formation are vital for the assessment of wellbore construction and production.

Applications illustrations

Carbon Capture and Storage

Oil and gas