Vitalizing your Assets – by the Power of Acoustics


The innovation behind all of qWaves’ tools and services is a shockwave generator system, the “qWave Pulser”, adapted to generate series of repeatable focused acoustic shockwaves for gradual generation of tunnels/perforations in a wellbore wall, to improve existing perforations or removal of scale – without the need for any mechanical/rotating equipment or explosives.

The innovation is based on the same techniques as has been used in medicine for treatment of kidney stones for almost 40 years, utilizing electro source principles for generating series of repeatable focused acoustic shockwaves for gradual degeneration of the kidney stone.

The “qWave Pulser” mainly comprise a high voltage pulse generator, a shockwave generator source (e.g. electrohydraulic, piezoelectric or electromagnetic) and an acoustic shockwave focusing member (e.g. plane source, elliptic or parabolic shaped reflector), and will collectively form an integral platform in all of qWave tools.

The peak pressure within the focus area of the focused shockwave may be in the order of 10’s to 100’s MPa, hence, when repeated, holding enough energy to degenerate the toughest of materials.