Vitalizing your Assets – by the Power of Acoustics

Equinor Technology Ventures (ETV) has entered a LOOP agreement with qWave

28 May 2018: qWave is developing an innovative tool to increase subsurface understanding, providing operators critical information for more cost-efficient field development.

Patent granted!

16 April 2018: Patent NO342214 (B1) was granted by the Norwegian Industrial Property Office today.

Signing the future of qWave

21 March 2018: qWave and entrepreneur Hans Petter Eng enters into a new phase of testing and product development of its downhole equipment.

Continued support from Innovation Norway with Statoil as collaborating customer

2 February 2018: Innovation Norway has granted qWave continued support for further development/proofing of its unique technology.

Proof of Principle

5 May 2017: Physical proof that the principle technique behind the unique qWave technology works has been established!

PCT application submitted

15 March 2017: Patent application filed to the European Patent Office (WO2017160158 (A1)).

Continued support from Innovation Norway

25 July 2016: qWave has been granted continued support from Innovation Norway through their “Kommersialiseringstilskudd” program.

qWave granted start-up funding from Innovation Norway

12 February 2016: qWave has been granted funding for its first startup period through Innovation Norway’s “Markedsavklaringstilskudd” program.