A successful test of the prototype

qWave has developed a prototype tool and methods to perform stress testing of rock formations in openhole wellbores. It is based on qWave patented shockwave technology that could enable CCS operators to store and inject CO2 safely and to optimise economics in carbon storage development projects.

In the period September 4th-12th qWave performed a successful System Integrity Test (SIT) of the prototype at the Norce/Ullrigg test facilities in Stavanger, Norway.

This was the first time the prototype was run in a well. The SIT was conducted at two depths, first at shallow depth to test tool integrity and later at a depth that is closer to expected future operations.

“A detailed test program and risk management procedure was followed during the test. The operations were completed without incidents and the collaboration with the Norce/Ullrigg crew worked well” says Andre Sætre, Operations Manager at qWave.

Equinor is a Joint Industry Project partner and participated during the SIT.

“qWave have demonstrated that their technology can reduce the uncertainties related to CO2 injection rates and volumes, by measuring the strength of the caprock above CO2 storage reservoirs. The results of the first test were above expectations” says Jeroen van der Hoek, Senior Investment Manager at Equinor Ventures

“The SIT was an important milestone in the development and testing of the prototype tool. We are currently preparing for the next test, which will be a proof of concept demonstration, then we will start the next phase, which is to develop a commercial version of the service” says Christopher Christophersen, Project Manager at qWave