Another successful test

In the period November 21st – December 1st, 2023, qWave performed a successful test of the prototype at the Norce/Ullrigg test facilities in Stavanger, Norway.

qWave has developed a prototype tool and methods to perform stress testing of rock formations in open hole wellbores. It is based on qWave patented shockwave technology that could enable CCS operators to store and inject CO2 safely and to optimise economics in carbon storage development projects, and to improve efficiencies in well operations.

This was the second time the prototype was tested in a well, following a successful integrity test in September 2023. The test was done at multiple depths between 900-1000 meter which are potential caprock depths in the North Sea. Multiple measurements of minimum horizontal stress were performed as part of the test program.

The operations were completed without incidents and the collaboration with the Norce/Ullrigg crew, and our sub-contractors worked well. EV and their video camera technology was used to get a downhole visual of the test results” says Andre Sætre, Operations Manager at qWave.

“The test was an important milestone in the development and testing of the prototype. We demonstrated that the tool is now significantly improved and more robust, in particular related to the electronics. We are very happy with the performance, it stayed continuously on target depth for almost 30 hours, we performed five successful fracking operations to measure minimum horizontal stress, our own-developed mud pump delivered 140,000 cycles without failing, and the patented pulser technology delivered over 10,000 focused acoustic shock waves during the test period. We also tested the mechanical safety release function which is an important achievement to be ready for an offshore pilot test” says Christopher Christophersen, Project Manager at qWave.

“We are excited about the results from the test, it confirms that we are on the right track, at the same time as we bring with us learnings and experiences for the future. During the test more than two million lines of data were recorded down-hole that is translated into information that operators will use in well operations to understand the stress in rock formations, so digitalization is becoming more and more important in our business model. It is very exciting times. I am proud of the team and how they continue to deliver strong results” says Jan Ove Nesvik, CEO at qWave.