Vitalizing your Assets Рby the Power of Acoustics


Jan Ove Nesvik joined the qWave team in May as our new CEO. Jan Ove has 28 years of experience from the oil & gas industry and 18 years in leadership roles in Norway, UK, USA, and Russia , having held various roles within Strategy, Business Development, Commercial, Accounting, Tax, Controlling, Internal Audit, Compliance, Procurement, …

New Project Manager

Christopher B. Christophersen joined the qWave team in February as our new Project Manager.¬† Christopher has over 12 years experience as product developer, support engineer, and project manager within the oil & gas industry. He has worked three years as support engineer for Wireline equipment at Aker Well Service, and more than eight years for …

Core business

qWave is in the process of developing a range of tools and services for perforation, testing, stimulation and cleaning of oil & gas wells. The range of tools and services are based on new technology/techniques invented by qWave.


Controlled, efficient and safe.

Formation Testing

Efficient sampling in low permeability reservoirs.


Improving existing perforations and scale removal.