PulseFrac – Formation Stress Testing using Acoustic Shockwaves

Equinor Ventures visits qLab

This summer, qWave had the pleasure of giving our joint industry project partner Equinor Venture a tour at our qLab in Stavanger.

qWave continues to grow!

We are looking for a Mechanical Design Engineer to become our fifth employee. This is an exciting time to join the company as we are in final stages of prototyping and testing our first product, and you will play an important role in turning the prototype into a commercial product.

Core business

The core technology / technique invented by qWave uses high potential electrical charge to create focused ultrasonic shockwaves, like Lithotripsy used in Medical Industry for breaking kidney stones. qWave is in the process of developing a range of tools and services using the technology for In-situ stress testing, clean perforations, well stimulation and cleaning of oil & gas wells.


Controlled, efficient and safe.

Formation Testing

Efficient sampling in low permeability reservoirs.


Improving existing perforations and scale removal.